“Email is our lives”

Our Philosophy

For us, Email is our lives. At the heart of our Inbox lives a personal network of content and relationships that privately defines who we are. Currently, finding content in your email is a nightmare, especially when you’re on the go. We believe that the human mind processes visual images significantly faster than processing text. So, if we can bring your content visually to the forefront, we won’t have to dig and can begin to use email the way we already use social applications – focusing on visual content first.

We believe that email is the starting point of what we like to call “Personal CRM”. Currently, the content in your Inbox is not organized effectively to access what matters to us the most. Inbox Cube strives to find the best solutions to visually organize your Inbox in a way that provides the maximize value to you. Email has clearly been left behind in the mobile revolution and we are driven to create a mobile email experience to match.

“From the overall look and feel of the app, I can safely say that a combination of great minds worked behind the app and they certainly have the potential to grow InboxCube into a preferred e-mail client for mobile devices.” – DummyTech.com