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Here at Inbox Cube, Email is our lives. At the heart of our inbox lives a personal network of information and content that privately defines who we are. However, as “Facebooking,” “Tweeting,” and “Pinning,” become more and more a part of our lives, the need for email seems to be decreasing — or so we think. Why go through the process of sending an email to see how someone is doing when we can easily write on their wall or check out their Tweets? Well, although social media has made communication easier, it has also made it much less genuine and much more public.

The culture of the Internet is changing, it is becoming apparent that teens are falling out of love with Facebook  and turning to the new, more personal and visually driven platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. If we take a step back, rather than thinking about how we can complicate social media further, there’s an almost jurassic form of communication that has pulled through this age of “social” and it’s something you use everyday, Email.

Communication through social networks is public, for everyone to see, whereas email is private, allowing for a greater expression of truth and honesty. For this reason, e-mail is still the preferred form of personal communication with family, friends and co-workers; it serves a function that cannot be replaced by social media.

Here’s how we like to put it into perspective:

Facebook is where you lie to your friends.
Twitter is where you are honest with strangers.
Email is where you are true to yourself.

But the dirty truth is that email is just plain boring, and we have yet to find a replacement for the now almost 20-year-old form of communication. Scrolling and reading through lines and lines of emails without any visual stimulation can get dull, and that’s where the more visually-focused, social media platforms come into play — they are the missing pieces to the email puzzle. Perhaps we need to redefine our view of email. Maybe it’s time for something new.

Today we would like to introduce Inbox Cube, where we want to reveal your Personal CRM using your established and deep-rooted email network and the various forms of content that are buried within. Get ready to discover your Inbox.

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