“Appy Award Winner 2014 – Best Communications App”

“I think I will have to say goodbye to my old archaic email view and adopt this [Inbox Cube].”

“Inbox Cube for iOS enlivens email with customizability”

“Inbox Cube brings an attachment friendly, ‘designer’ inbox to iOS”

“Powerful functionality to go back to the email the attachment is from, and you’re looking at a tool that has made your inbox not a jungle of information, but an organised filing cabinet.”

“Inbox Cube for iPhone sorts emails into visually pleasing and easy to navigate boxes.”

“Search for content in mail is very fast. Hopefully, Inbox Cube is here for a long ride.”

“The attachment cube might be the coolest part of the app.”

“It’s a multi-dimensional, colourful change to typical inboxes, bringing email into focus with visually-enhanced snapshots that display attachments and content.”

“Inbox Cube for iPhone makes email visual, helps you spend less time looking for attachments and files”

“What makes Inbox Cube unique is the ability to quickly see a visual ‘cube’ of your attachments and contacts”

“Makes navigating through the clutter of your inbox easy and efficient by showing you only the things you need.”

“Attachments view is extremely useful for finding files quickly”

“It’s like Instagram for your inbox. It turns your email into a photo stream that makes is easier to manage and much nicer to look at.”

“Inbox Cube hits you with pizzaz and color right out of the box.”

“Best new apps for tablets and smartphones: December week 2”

“With the Inbox Cube app, however, I can’t get enough of my inbox. I’m actually discovering things about my email that make me feel empowered, rather than overwhelmed.”